Identification Card Printer
Identification Card Printer
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Email:'s experience in ID card printing solutions is one of the longest in the industry.  We have been selling, supporting and servicing identification printers and related products since inception of the desk-top color id printer technology arrived from Japan in the US market in 1992.  Our focus has been on specialty printing solutions that are compact, user-friendly, affordable and, first- and-foremost, reliable once in service. 


Compared to resellers of conventional card printing products, believes in building long-lasting customer relationships.  Even when shopping on the Internet, you can reach us live on the phone and discuss your application, your budget and your wishes. As experts, we can guide you through unknowns in selecting the system that is appropriate for you.  Once you have purchased from us, we want you to feel that you got the best value at lowest price. is an Internet value store operated by Stellar ID whose focus is to primarily cater to its dealer network.





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Phone: +1 973 383-9833


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+1 973-383-9833


Where to Find Us:
111 Hibler Rd
GreendellNJ 07839

 Phone: +1-973-383-9833
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