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Welcome to our specialty card printer solutions online store. Our offerings are based on best-in-class for performance, quality and value. Whether it is card printer hardware, software and/or printing supplies that you need, we have those items that are worthy of your choice. For card printer products, DNP brand stands out to fulfill your metrics of top performance, quality and value in ID card applications. On software side, both eMedia card design and printing software packages and Mediasoft visitor management solution are the benchmarks for intuitive and powerful application tools. When it comes to retransfer printing technology, DNP has led the way with its world-class print ribbons developments and integration into its CX-D80 printer line. The company has taken the art of printing ID cards to another level with its new CX-D80H Super-High Definition card printer. Can you imagine producing an image with a registration accuracy to 1 pixel?

For retransfer preferences, the CX-D80S and CX-D80D are ideal for technology card printing and encoding with tools compliant for EMV credit and debit card issuance, whether networked of stand-alone.

Now featuring with our specialty printers solutions is Be Our Guest visitor management and badge printing all-in-one solution. Available Editions are Basic, Mag and Full.

Our experience in ID card printing sales, service and support is unrivaled. Our role in the initial launch of the industry helped to make certain printer brands like Nisca, Evolis and DNP find their way into the US market from scratch. We continue the push for market expansion by highlighting DNP brand in our online store and through our dealer network driven by our store owner Stellar ID. Enjoy shopping at our site!, dba of Stellar ID, offers specialty products and solutions at affordable prices. We pride ourself on providing high quality card printers, card design software and related printer supplies.

Small or large, your request will be met with expert advice, individualized attention, and innovative solutions. Contact us and discover all we have to offer. Our staff is looking forward to speaking with you.

Super-High Definition Color-Card Printers: a Reality, Affordable

Imagine rich, crisp, deep and natural colors unlike you have seen before on plastic cards. Reality and affordability in producing 600 dpi color-and-black is now at your disposal. Stellar ID/, a leader in distributing specialty card printers, is proud to add two outstanding solutions for the super-high definition card printing market. One is from Evolis and the other is from DNP.

The technology applying 600 dpi ID resolution comes from Japan. The first was launched by Nisca, a division of Canon. The Nisca version, doubling the imaging quality, has also been adopted by Evolis in its private-label arrangement with the Japanese producer. This adaptation by the France-based printer manufacturer is called Avansia. This altered Nisca retransfer-printer design features two sided printing and encoding options. It has become Evolisís high-end printer model and lets it compete in the retransfer market in which it did not participate in before.

Unparallelled card color printing technology, not only does the DNP CX-D80H double the traditional resolution, but the measured accuracy of color registration is 1 only dot. This design builds on its rich history of four generation of CX series-retransfer printers. The 600 dpi rendition is based on the ultra-compact chassis and engine of the CX-D80D sold in the last 3 years. The duplex CX-D8H printer easily integrates with the current CL-600 simplex/duplex laminator for application of security features and card durability layers. Encoding options can be included if desired. Orders are now being shipped to satisfy your demand.

A factor, which can help to fuel the popularity of the CX-D80H, is the weakening of the Japanese Yen. The currency market has seen a swing of the Yen value to nearly 40% lower versus US Dollar in the last three years since the introduction of CX-D80. It is realistic now to afford a super-high-definition retransfer card printer for nearly the cost of 300 dpi conventional direct-to-card printer unit.

For more information, contact Stellar ID, a premier distributor of both Avansia and CX-D80H. Email:, call 973-383-9833