Building Security Terminology

Building Security Software Free

There are numerous building security software packages that offer a starter application free if charge.  Often this promotion is a hook to lead you to commit to an expensive solution.  You, however, can find some value in what is a free component in Be Our Guest Building Security software.  That is, each employee gets an unlicensed copy of the application at no charge.  On each personal workstation,  host employee can personally sponsor and schedule visitors to meet with him/her on premises.

Building Security Software for Windows

Running your building security application on popular software such Windows maintains hardware and platform use continuity.  Coupling a familiar operating system with an intuitive application like Be Our Guest Building Security make the implementation of security program easier and smoother.

Building Security Software for Mac 

Many companies, schools, colleges, institutions and other entities have operated their programs on Mac computers.  A departure from IOS operating system would be both expensive and disruptive in adapting to a non-Mac based building security solution.  Be Our Guest Building Security software has been developed to maintain Mac hardware continuity via Virtual Machine Windows in Mac, as well as Windows legacy platform. A Windows Virtual Machine is a core benefit for a Mac user, because you will be able to use any windows application on your Mac.  Be our Guest works on a Virtual Machine on Mac, but be careful, sometimes card printers doesn’t work well on Virtual Machines.

Building Security Definition

A strategy, a tool, or a program that protects a person, a building,  or an organization against threats, crimes, or attacks by harmful  action.   The implementation of building security system usually implies commercial and industrial premise protection.

What is Building Security

Safety measures that help to protect people from harm and property  from damage and/or loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find frequently asked questions that we compiled for you. Under these considerations, we can provide you with optimal product value and customer service.

Card Printers

How do I select a card printer?

The first step is to know whether you need to print single side only or two sides of the card.

Do I have to know the daily, weekly and monthly card production rate?

Yes, it is good idea to know your worst case daily throughput. Some printers can only produce 120 single sided color images per hour. For a maximum situation you will be able to print 960 cards per day.

How many different types of card printers are there?

Basically, there are two different types. Ones is direct-to-card and the other is retransfer.

What are the trade offs of direct-to-card versus retransfer printers?

Direct-to-card types are generally less expensive than reverse printing (or retransfer). But there is always going to be a white border around the card when printing a full color image. Retransfer types can do over-the-edge full color bleed.

What is the weakest link in dtc (direct-to-card) printer engine?

The printhead, an expensive component, is vulnerable to abnormal card surface such as burrs, or embetted dirt particles. In reverse printing, the printhead never contacts the blank card and the risk of damage is eliminated.

What measure can you use that a card printer is reliable?

Usually, the manufacturers that have strong product warranties like 3 years coverage is a good indicator.

Is a service contract on a printer a good idea?

If the product warranty is weak, like one-year coverage, it may be a good idea to extend warranty.

Is buying card printers from a big company better than buying from a small reseller?

If you consider prompt support, personal attention and competive pricing, a small reseller is more apt to satisfy you.

Card Design Software

Do I get free card design software with the purchase of an ID printer?

Often you do get the design applicaction with printer purchase. But you need to verify with supplier.

Do all free card design sotware packages allow you to connect to database?

In the majority of the cases, you have to pay for database upgrade.